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Gallery One

"Tee" quilts
This section is my first attempt at a series - using a shape or motif as the theme.
Tee at Gee's Bend   

174 x 112cms
Dotting the I's and Crossing ...    


Therapy Group
My work as a group therapist reflects that this was a very positive time in my life. It was challenging and sometimes
very difficult. I would have liked to continue this role longer but life has other plans - and I went to the USA - where
I learned about quilting.

These quilts are a response to all those who spent time in my groups.


99 x 133cms     
Therapy Group II      

154 x 64cms      
Therapy Group III        

154 x 64cms      
Therapy Group No 4    

21 x 71cms      

68 x 122cms    


55 x 68cms     

Reaching Out     

55 x 68cms        

Sonnet 18
These works were made for the ColourFx exhibition "Sonnet 18" which opened in London in 2006.

".in eternal lines to time.."     

122 x 44cms    

122 x 44cms     
".thou wandrest in his shade.."       

137 x 64cms      

Made on a Whim
These pieces are examples of work made in response to a piece of fabric, a feeling or a mood.


Layered II     

131 x 131cms    

51 x 37cms    
Sunny Centres   
City Sunrise - Autumn     

74 x 74 cms   


Holding The Sound

Gallery Two